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  1. I STRONGLY AGREE with this comment. Its is ridiculous that a note taking application that has nearly 10 years of my information has a search box that holds less than a few words, AND then puts tags, notebook filters into the same field!!!! See screenshot. How does this not get fixed since July! Search is a key value of the product. Current development team -1.
  2. As of Sept 15, 2015, this error is STILL persistent. I can't believe more people don't find this unacceptable.
  3. If our company signs up for the business account, what happens to our individual premium accounts? Do they stay separate from the business account? And, when a user leaves the company, does the information go back to personal premium accounts? I don't see this an answer to this on the site; specifically about an existing premium users data. I have a request into sales, but I figured I would ask the forum to give me a vantage point from real users.
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