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  1. I am not sure in what way Evernote Business didn't work for you but it seems to be working well for my business - not perfect and there are many ways it can be improved, but good for how we use it. We also use Alfresco Cloud which is very similar to Sharepoint and Box.com - all of which serve a very different purpose to Evernote. I believe Alfresco are looking to have some sort of integration with Evernote which will make it even more useful to my business.
  2. Having notebooks within notebooks would be appreciated and very useful to my business. The ability to have stacked notebooks shared as stacks would be useful to my business too.
  3. While the limits are different between Premium and Business, I also don't see much difference in Premium vs Business outside of the business library. As far as I can see, the main benefit for the Business Library is a place to hold and retrieve notebooks that no one has currently joined. But then to find a notebook to join from the business library is not as easy as it should be due to the lack of extensive, deep search facilities. I do believe the business limits (any limits) should still be a concern for a business to use Evernote extensively; What happens to a business that has grown past the 5,000 business library notebooks or if a user needs more than 250 notebooks? Do they need to move to a different service? Will it be easy to migrate all the data out of Evernote into the other service? How does the service perform with 5,000 notebooks?
  4. As far as I can see, the main benefit for the Business Library notebooks is a place to hold and retrieve notebooks that no one is currently joined. If you are simply sharing some notebooks, you may be able to work with the Evernote Premium if not the standard free service.
  5. The response from Evernote support; My original understanding seems to be correct. Now just need a way to search through 5,000 notebooks without joining. dspapps, that is a very good point about sync times and I would expect mixed use between the Windows and web clients. Eventually we should move to web client only as we move away from our current Exchange/Outlook environment.
  6. I am still looking to have each user with less than 250 joined notebooks. Most notebooks in the business library would have no users joined but the business library notebooks would be available to be joined. I hope the restriction is just to prevent an overload of syncing by any single user and there is no reason a user can't create more than 250 notebooks shared through the business library but no longer joined/synced. I have sent a request to support for clarrification on the limit for the business library.
  7. I have looked at Highrise, Batchbook and others but they miss the flexibility of Evernote and focus too much on things my business doesn't need. Evernote could fit so easily into our workflow but perhaps you are right about Evenote not being the right fit either. With the notebook limit, I saw that for individual accounts but never saw a limit mentioned for the business library. I also figured with our 10+ users that we would have enough 250 limits to share around. Does that 250 notebook limit apply to the business library?
  8. Is there any way to search in all business library notenooks including those not joined? This would be very useful to me and would prevent needing to join every notebook in the library if looking for something in a note that could be in any notebook.
  9. Not being able to rename business notebooks will become a burden to my business. Perhaps a message in the activity log or by email to announce a notebook name change could resolve any confusion from users.
  10. I am setting up EverNote for my business and am looking at having a Notebook for each of our 1,000 odd clients into which any staff member can read and add notes. Would it be appropriate to create the 1,000 notebooks in the business library and as any staff member needs access to a clients notes would access the notebook form the library and then leave the notebook when that client job is complete. Any user would generally have no more than 10 client notebooks synced from the business library at any time with most notebooks in the business library not being synced to anyone. From what I can see, if a user leaves a business notebook without sharing it to the business library or another user, there is no way to access it again. Is the business library the best way to share notebooks that anyone in the business can access but not need constant access to?
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