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  1. I cant believe Evernote hasn't fixed this issue when its been documented for YEARS! I switched from good notes because I love the evernote sync, but I cant see staying if they can’t fix such a basic and obvious bug. Its too bad because penultimate beats all the other notebook apps...besides this huge UX problem. Fix it already!!!
  2. Yes I get that it's not Evernotes purpose, but it's also just a simple email branding issue for posting to Wordpress--or to anyone for that matter. I pay for premium, therefore I should not have to advertise what I am using to send that email with. It's like cable television having commercials. I just feel enough is enough with all the ads. Matigo, I will be in touch after trying another fresh install of Noteworthy. Thanks much for the offer and crafty workaround invention.
  3. Honestly, I can't believe Evernote makes it so hard to post to Wordpress. This is insanity. It either comes in from email looking like a giant AD for Evernote--or it won't work at all. Grrr. I tried Noteworthy too. Kept giving me error 404 pages. It should be easier. Evernote is a paid service...these are not unreasonable expectations!
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