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  1. Hi Anna, I tried AnyToDo for a little while. I liked the usage of the Time Management Matrix approach. I found that the app worked ok natively and yes it synced with Evernote but I found the user experience clunky, particularly the way they used tags in Evernote. Two way synching just didn't do it for me. I've stopped using it since I worked out how best to use Evernote's reminders. I built the Time Management Matrix approach into Evernote myself. I wrote a blog post about it at http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/40049-amping-up-your-action-list-with-evernote/ Feel free to have a read. It's working nicely for me. Cheers
  2. Sorry, not much I can do about that! I'm sure they'll add it one day.
  3. Hi everybody, I've written a blog post about how I go about managing my Action list using Evernote. If you're interested, you can find it at bit.ly/13N0lnH Also, for those who are interested, I used postach.io to blog directly from an Evernote note which was just ridiculously easy. All the best, Shermo
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