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  1. K-12 Teachers, and especially HS teachers and their students could make good use of Evernote IF were affordable. While Google Keep is okay, it doesn't offer the breadth of abilities and features that Evernote does. But Keep as one key advantage - it's FREE. Most school districts, even with the educational discount for business, are going to buy a district wide subscription -- they view Evernote as too much a niche product. Thus it falls to teachers to pay, once again like so often, out of their own pockets. Getting it into the hands of HS students builds future, hopefully, lifetime users; just is recognized by getting it to the hands of college students. So, for most HS teachers and students we have to rely on Google Apps for Ed and for other sites like Pinterest to save our notes. Sad, as those work arounds do not offer the level of integration and organization that Evernote does. But, they are far, far more affordable.
  2. I have 64bit system Win7 Home premium SP 1 64 bit op sys i7 Q720 @1.6ghz 6GB ram MS .Net 4
  3. I keep my windows set to show detail, so it was obvious which file I was clicking on. (makes sorting to find things by other than name very easy) the little man is dead. click all I may on him, he refuses to work.
  4. downloaded extracted double clicked to run and the cursor goes round and round..... but it never starts. Tried the diagnostic routine, no help. BUT... why did Adobe Dreamweaver start up after I double clicked on this file?
  5. yes, I know all about extracting (60 years old and former comp sci teacher). yes, did extract them both and still: thbbbbbbbt! from the machine.
  6. does NOT work with either the .2 or .3 versions. Get the same "Quite Working" message with both. (got original poster's and your screen name confused)
  7. ditto to sindizzy's comment. Tried both .2 and .3 versions. Win7 Home premium SP 1 64 bit op sys i7 Q720 @1.6ghz 6GB ram MS .Net 4
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