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  1. 1 hour ago, actant said:

    Do you mean that Evernote APIs can access the local database directly and also get the changes synced to the server? Thank you!

    No. Don't do that. Don't.

    FYI: Windows does have the enscript utility:

    (c:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote)
    >enscript -?
    Usage: ENScript <command> [options]
      createNote     - creates note from the specified file or url
      importNotes    - imports notes from the specified export file or url
      showNotes      - displays specified notes in the Evernote window
      printNotes     - prints specified notes from the Evernote window
      exportNotes    - exports specified notes into a file
      createNotebook - creates a notebook
      listNotebooks  - lists specified notebooks to standard output
      syncDatabase   - synchronizes database to the service
    Type "ENScript <command> /?" to get command specific help.
    @filename - specifies response file name contaning options one per line.
    Command line options that follow response file name specification override
    options specified in the response file.


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  2. Do you know which version was installed previously? I'm thinking it was an earlier version - if you ran that, it should run in repair mode and fix the broken installation. The installer you're running thinks the old version is still installed and is attempting to do an upgrade - part of an upgrade is uninstall - and that's what's failing (because the MSI was lost in the migration - which a repair will fix)

  3. 47 minutes ago, jbenson2 said:

    The program would randomly shut down with no warning and no error message a few times during the week. Evernote would not start up again unless I rebooted.

    These are the hated bugs - random. Very hard to repro and fix. Sigh.

    An alternate to rebooting: Open Task Manager and kill the running Evernote processes. You can leave EvernoteClipper.exe - that's not what prevents EN from starting again. It's the Evernote.exe, EvernoteSubprocess.exe, and EvernoteTray.exe processes. When the main Evernote.exe crashed, it died in such a way that the other processes didn't catch that and proceed to act very badly.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Don Dz said:

    I could be mistaken, but I am fairly certain I saw that view in the recent beta 2 on the side list (I believe it went away after they had to do some major surgery for the current beta 3, see the discussion), maybe they will bring it back eventually.  Unless I was just seeing things . . . 

    FYI: All features that were in Beta2 are in the current Beta3. (It was the first Beta3 release that was the pain-point.)

  5. 23 hours ago, doex said:

    After moving back to SD-Card its getting stuck again.

    The database is an Sqlite database. Every time you type anything, that data has to be recorded in the database. Putting the database on a low speed interface is (as they say) a "very bad idea". Also, the drive it's on must support file locking - so network drives are also a "very bad idea".

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  6. Just a terminology clarification (at least when I talk about them!). In EN, F9 is an "accelerator". Cortana's F9 is a "hotkey". The difference is an accelerator will only work when an application has focus. A hotkey is a system wide hook that works no matter who has focus - as such, the app who registers first wins - and all others lose. It's a constant battle! (EN does have some hotkeys - these are configurable in the Options dialog. Accelerators are not configurable.)

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  7. 17 hours ago, TdeV said:

    Evernote is telling me I have to uninstall to proceed. I think an upgrade has never told me this before. Should I proceed?

    It sounds like this is doing the 6.17.7 upgrade (which is really a downgrade). Since you're on beta2, skip this. A new Beta3 is now available and will upgrade in the way you expect.

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  8. 15 hours ago, Don Dz said:

    Hmm, somehow I think it should have been called beta 4,  to avoid confusion with the other beta 3 (and to discuss it separately), but ok.

    True. We probably should have - it would still be 6.18.3 tho! (because of the MSI update issues I talked about before)

  9. 11 minutes ago, EdH said:

    Reboot requirement is a new thing.

    We try to avoid this style upgrade - as I noted, we re-release Beta3. So MSI sees this new version as the same version as the old Beta3 - this is the same-version upgrade path. It's not very user friendly, so we try to avoid ever doing this publicly. However, the old Beta3 has a newer version of CEF - so any upgrade from that would cause "very bad things" to happen (because we would be violating MSI component rules). We made a conscious decision to inflict that same-version upgrade so the CEF dll downgrade would properly install.

    Probably as clear as mud now.

    tl;dr: Installers are hard. Downgrading files during an upgrade is harder.

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