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  1. Here we are again, another update, another loss of pinned program on taskbar. Why is this so hard for the team to figure out? Hundreds of hundreds of programs manage to perform updates without falling off of the taskbar, why can't Evernote follow the crowd on that one? And please, no more mess about the cleanup code. If I take the ntoepad executable, and rename it calc.exe, the shortcut for Calculator opens Notepad!! You're just replacing the SAME-NAMED file with a newer one, and no "cleanup" is necessary!
  2. Simple and to the point. Why is the evernote web app so much better than the installation? The ability to set notifications, to actually see those notifications, a simple button to delete a note... I understand there are things that the "local" program can do that the web app can't, but surely something as simple as just seeing the notifications shouldn't be that extreme... Thoughts? Also, the other day I attached a pdf to the wrong note, and discovered it today. Wasn't exactly easy to move it, but I managed it, however, that also apparently cost me some of my free bandwidth (yes, sue me, I'm a "free" user, only been using it for about 6 months or less, looking to see how much I'll use it long term). Any way to make that process easier, and potentially not charge bandwidth for "moving" data within notes?
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