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  1. Same problem here: Skitch telling me hitting the monthly limit on the quota while Evernote is fine. Happening since November 2015. I issued a ticket: #1449575 Attached are two screenshots that document the issue, one for Skitch and one for Evernote. Please help, Andreas
  2. First, I am happy to see, that there is the option to make the formatting 'plain text'. If I could assign a shortcut that would be great. Pasting plain text ist my #1 action. My #2 action is to assign headings like 'heading 1', etc. Unfortunately, it seems that this is still not possible. To me, this seems strange, since it is such a basic text editing feature.
  3. > that will convert an entire note into plain text. Yes, but what I want is to do is use Evernote's formating tools to do my own formating (Heading, Sub Heading, etc.). Right now I have the choice of having all kinds of fonts mixed (Evernote's "Heading" option will not overwrite the pasted formating) or to have no formating at all. You already implemented all the formating tools. The only thing that prevents them from being used properly is the option to get rid of the original formating during the paste action. Imagine an extensive note that I wrote and formated. Now I want to paste something in there. At this stage I do not want to loose all my formating work. And I want the pasted part to integrate into my text. I think this is a valid scenario.
  4. Please allow for pasting plain text, e.g. via a mode switch. For me plain text is the option I use 95% of the time. And honestly: Evernote is an app for taking notes, which happens mostly via copy&paste. Right now Evernote documents are an aggregation of a multitude of fonts. So, getting rid of the orginial formatting in order to allow for formating within Evernote should be a primary concern for Evernote development, IMHO. For me, this would enhance usability way more than new features.
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