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  1. Good information. by the way, this is the last post I can make until after 9:21 PM, so I will probably not respond to anyone for a while. I checked the Mail, Contacts, Calendars on my iPhone and did see that 'notes' was enabled for my mail account. I tried disabling it, and went back to the notes app, and all the notes were removed. I re-enabled it and after a minute or two the notes were back, so it seems I am now needing to stay synced in order to not loose all my past notes. I guess I don't mind having it synced, it is just so strange that it just started syncing. I have notes on that app that go back years, and the app has never synced before. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Ok, good to hear that this is not typical of Evernote. I will keep looking for the underlying cause. Thanks for responding.
  3. OK, I just put a new note on my "notes" app on my iphone and it did get emailed to me and put into the newly created "Notes" folder on my email account. Very Strange. This is with the Evernote app deleted (but the account active)
  4. No, but I will, that's a good point, see I get emailed the new note. Afer this happened I deleted Evernote from my phone,( but I have not closed the Evernote account). I find the abilities of Evernote to be interesting, but that type of unknown action scared me, so I deleted it until I could research it more. Thanks.
  5. I just downloaded and signed on to Evernote, on my iphone. A few days later a got a slew of emails sent from "me" and they were all the pages of notes I had on my iphone "notes" app. Did Evernote do this? I deleted the emails and all the notes on my iphone were deleted. I had to go into my email trash and recover them and they re-appeared in my iphone notes app. This event also created a new folder in my email account called "notes". Can anyone enlighten me as to what is happening, and how I can stop it. I have icloud turned off, and the only change to the phone has been the activation of the Evernote account. Thanks
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