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  1. It appears that Evernote 6.0 has removed "simplified formatting of pasted content" from preferences. This was a feature I used A LOT! Hopefully it's on the roadmap to reintroduce. Has anyone found another way to paste content into Evernote without copying the style of formatted content? My work around is to paste the content into a text editor to remove formatting and copy it again to paste it into Evernote as plain text. I loved the "option-command-V" shortcut in previous versions to paste directly into Evernote without any formatting.
  2. Here's a workaround that allows you to highlight in Evernote! The solution is a bit kludgy (but easy), and it's better than nothing until Evernote releases the full-highlighting capabilities that we all want. http://metadata.mx/highlighting-evernote/ Hope this helps. Cheers!
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