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  1. Well I'm using the built in Evernote Desktop software where you can right click on the icon and click "clip screenshot" and you get some crosshairs to identify exactly what part of the screen you want to clip. I know for sure that the screenshot is saved as a PNG Looks like the text is big enough to me. Even after a couple days, no real OCR recognition. There is an icon with a magnifying glass buried in the note information, so I think that means it has been scanned, the OCR just isn't able to recognize the type I guess. Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Hello, I'm using evernote to study and taking screenshots of particular parts of PDF books that I use to study. Now I was hoping Evernote would automagically OCR the screencapped images, but I've checked on the notes I've took several days ago and they still haven't been put through the OCR recognition system. Am I right in believing 3-4 days is more than enough time for the OCR to work on a free user account? Are there some criteria that a screenshot must reach to be OCR'd? I guess I just can't figure out what could be causing the problem . - TTTrouble
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