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  1. Evernote web clipper already suggests new tags based on the contents of the page. Can we have this functionality while creating a note in desktop?
  2. Same for me. I file a bug ticket 2 months ago and here's the latest update. Come on Evernote, fix your bugs before adding shiny new features like work chat Korben D. (Evernote Support) Apr 29, 13:43 Thanks for the followup. The issue is still open with the engineering team. I don't have an estimated time for fix at the moment. I apologize for that. I'll let you know if there are any big developments in the case.
  3. Glad it helped @chinarut. I'm using Mavericks now, and it seems to work fine *most of the time*
  4. I've tried the advice given on this apple thread: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3238726 and told evernote to run in 32-bit mode to reduce RAM consumption. I have much slow issues much less frequently now. Running MBA with Mountain Lion, 4GB ram.
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