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  1. Evernote web clipper already suggests new tags based on the contents of the page. Can we have this functionality while creating a note in desktop?
  2. Same for me. I file a bug ticket 2 months ago and here's the latest update. Come on Evernote, fix your bugs before adding shiny new features like work chat Korben D. (Evernote Support) Apr 29, 13:43 Thanks for the followup. The issue is still open with the engineering team. I don't have an estimated time for fix at the moment. I apologize for that. I'll let you know if there are any big developments in the case.
  3. Glad it helped @chinarut. I'm using Mavericks now, and it seems to work fine *most of the time*
  4. I've tried the advice given on this apple thread: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3238726 and told evernote to run in 32-bit mode to reduce RAM consumption. I have much slow issues much less frequently now. Running MBA with Mountain Lion, 4GB ram.
  5. Since I mainly care about good formatting when I copy to Google docs, and word (which doesn't happen that often), one workaround I've found is to first export the note to HTML, open the HTML in a browser, then copy from there
  6. I just figured out a trick on mac evernote (assume this would work on windows too) to get from the note focus to the note list focus. 1. Press the global search shortcut (command shift e for me). your cursor enters the search box 2. Press enter You should be back in focus on the note list
  7. Any luck on this? You can use command L (edit title) to switch form note list to note content (tab again to switch to actual content space), but I don't know of any shortcut that can do the opposite
  8. 2 bugs I've found so far 1. It doesn't seem like my paste is working (copy from within evernote or out, richtext, plaintext, and images all don't work) 2. dragging from saved search to shortcuts pane UI interaction is also not working (so no way to add a saved search to the shortcuts pane) I'll file a support request, but wanted to check if anyone else had these problems...
  9. I have this beach ball problem too, but mostly when I create new notes using the new note global keyboard shortcut. (it seems tied to triggering a sync most times I use the shortcut, no idea what the pattern is) So my hack solution so far is: make a bunch of notes titled "nnnnnnnnnn 1309xx" where 1309xx is the current date code (many thanks to GrumpyMonkey's website for that suggestion). (The date code isn't important, but I like using it) To create a new note, I just pull up spotlight and type nnnnn, and press enter. It emulates the behavior of the global keyboard shortcut, with a few more keystrokes, but with much less lag on the Mac client. Added benefit is that since the note is already synced, I can copy note links right away. Hope this makes sense/is useful.
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