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  1. Thanks Liam for your comments. Have you looked into the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0? I'm using it now to write this post. It comes with a WACOM pressure sensitive stylus that has a tip similar to an ordinary pen tip. The stylus slides neatly into the frame of the tablet. Regarding a note taking app, the Note 8 comes with its own called S Notes. If you want to export your handwritten notes to EN you can export the note as a jpg or pdf and then send it to EN. I would suggest you check out the Note 8 and see if it meets your needs.
  2. I'm making my first post in these forums for the same reason. I've only started using Evernote and, realising the possibilities for work (and play), decided to buy a tablet. I was about to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, mainly due to the S-Pen, and also assuming that there was an Android version of Penultimate. Now I'm hesitating to sign up for a premium subscription to Evernote or buy the Note 8. I guess I'll wait until the Penultimate for Android is available - ideally with S-Pen integration or at least support.
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