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  1. Good to see it's not just me. Another "default setting" that it reverts to is the thickness and color of the brush. It goes to the medium setting, black, when it "resets my settings". This really makes the app unusable. Please fix it soon!
  2. I like the Tools on Top, and I always use Wrist Protection, both of which need to be enabled under the settings menu. Whenever the app quits (meaning, if it stops running in the background because I haven't used it in a long time), both of those settings automatically are disabled. I'm guessing every time the app loads, the default settings load too. When ends up happening is that I'm in the middle of an important meeting, I open the app up trying to write something down, and my wrist protection is off and tools (and turn page) are on bottom, which, when I write, makes the pages turn uncontrollably. This didn't start happening until the last update, and I'd like it to be fixed to remember my preferences, please!
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