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  1. Hello, I have a P20 lite Android phone and I have the exact same issue I tried to: Reinstall the app Clear the search cache (Android app -> Settings -> Search and Storage -> clear local search history & clear cache.) None of the above worked. Is there any way I can help support to investigate this issue and fix it? I use the function daily, now I almost can't use the product Thank you
  2. Followed the issue with the support. Installing Version 5.4.0 (401989) solves it. Thank you everyone for the help, Cheers
  3. Any help? Does anyone has the same problem? I am running Version 5.3.0 (401872) Thank you
  4. Hello everyone, today I started having this problem. 1. I search a note in spotlight 2. I open the note 3. The template of the note is completely disaligned Take a look at the attached screenshot. Any help? Thank you
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