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  1. Well, actually, there is a shortcut: From the list I just press "Enter" and I'm right in the note. If I press "Ctrl+Enter" the note opens up in a new window, also with the cursor in it ready for editing.
  2. A very interesting way to organize notes when writing a book. But terribly manual: make heading via bold letters and then search for them, copy and paste them to the top and then to a headings document. All manually. Are we using computers here? IMHO this really calls for: A Headings format in Evernote.And then an automation to put the headings in a page index on top. Like word does for you.And then to be able to automatically split notes into individual ones. Like every heading becomes the topic of a new note.Then one could use tabs or numbers in the topic of the notes to sort them and this would make the structure of the book. Well, but maybe then there are too few writers and journalists around that would make all of this worthwhile?
  3. I'm having the same problem -- but not only in evernote. It seems to be a system wide ipad mini bug, that can happened to me in other text editors or writing programs as well. My Workaround: go to the end of the document and hit "return" a number of times to create an empty space at the button. Then scroll upwards to where you want to edit.
  4. My workaround is to paste it into an emty Word document, copy it in there and then paste it into evernote.
  5. I can't agree more about the secret vertical view, Ctrl-Shift-F5. Thanks to this thread I know about it and use it eversince and all of the time. Before I was unhappy with the other views, switching between them constantly: the horizontal view showing to little, the ctrl+F6 view showing to much. The vertical view ist just perfect! So, please leave it in future versions of EN for Windows. And make it an official view in the menue
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