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  1. Absolutely agree. Why did you remove this option. Please put it back so I can decide what is the best way to view my attachments.
  2. Enscript listNotebooks lists the names of all notebooks, but could do with a switch to provide more detail, most especially the number of notes in the notebook. eg. NotebookName,NoteCount My reason for wanting this as I find some machines that have a shared, synced database, don't always agree on the note count. Something as gone awry with the sync and some notes simply refuse to add or delete from a machine. Assuming the cloud copy is right, you can clear the local copy and let the whole thing resync. But how do I know which machines are not agreeing. I planned to run a script on each regularly and have them report their list of notesbooks,notecounts, so I could see which need fixing. I can sort of get around it by issuing an export and reading the .enex file as a text file, counting the <note> entries, but an improved Enscript listNotebooks would be better.
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