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  1. Are there any news to this topic? I just lost annotations from a two hour webinar It's a bit annoying, I must tell. And it's not the first time, my annotations weren't saved. As I see, the problem has been known for a long while now, so I'm really wondering, why is it still happening? Especially, when we concern Evernote as a paid service... Evernote, you'd better block this function for a while, until you're able to solve the problem, because loosing a few hours of ones job may be really annoying, as it was for me today. I'm using the newest version of Evernote available on Desktop under Mac OS 10.9, in case you need to know. I'd be happy to hear from Evernote's Support, what are you going to do about this bug? Maybe you should add the possibility to manualy save the annotations as long as it's not possible to save them automagically?
  2. I can confirm, that I'm also having this problem on the Mac version. Maybe not that annoying for me to look for alternatives, but it would be nice, if it just worked.
  3. I can't clip e. g. this page: http://pao77.blox.pl/2013/09/PIEROGI-RUSKIE-Z-DYNIA.html, but I also had troubles with other ones earlier (but didn't copy the URLs, so I don't remember them anymore).
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