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  1. The version most people are referring to here is the metro version. You need to use the metro App Store on your device and then go to prefs panel and then update...
  2. My question is why you even bother. You are not helping anyone here. Go to another thread and do your thing - suggest work arounds - moderate. Do whatever you want. While you claim not to reduce or deflect criticism of the company - that is all you have been doing. Perhaps you should read this thread - the other threads where I posted. You claim to what to help people - how exactly was your post about people being on vacation helpful? Perhaps that user was just venting and was frustrated and wanted to post. You and I don't seem to be seeing eye to eye on almost anything. The open response above was posted - agreed - someone is looking into it. I don't believe that it takes weeks and weeks to figure out a problem like this. Based on the numbers posting here - it should not be impossible to figure out why the program is crashing. Seems like a little QA would have caught an ongoing issue here - and the issue is ongoing for almost a year. I had my original surface RT which had the same problem. I hear empty words coming from evernote. Granted - you can post anywhere you want. I will continue to call you out each time you post something moronic - which at this rate - would make it a full time job on my part. Please - if you have nothing to say to add value to this conversation - say nothing.
  3. I don't know why you would be humbled here. So you speak for the company now? Complaining about delays on a public forum about a lack of support is acceptable. What is not acceptable is you reducing that complaint by trying to make it appear that the poster of the complaint (who I want to just state for the record was not me) is being unreasonable by not allowing the good people at Evernote time to enjoy the holiday with their families is just total bullshite. What is not productive on this board is just about every post that you make. For some reason - and I don't know exactly why you feel the need - but you want to paint the company as one that NEVER makes a mistake or all of the problems are user problems and we are being unreasonable here. What is unreasonable is releasing a product that clearly does not work. Regarding you calling me immature - I have children and I know deflection when I see it. You my friend, are deflecting. Why is it that you are able to post here but the legitimate support tickets are going unanswered. Am I to believe that on Sunday, December 27th - ALL employees of the company are home with their families? The company is just running on autopilot? "Even the tech guys get holidays" - really - after the guy had a ticket open for 12 days - that is your answer? They are on holiday? What about my ticket that is still open without a response for almost 60 days. Was the entire company on holiday for 60 days as well? Do me a favor - do you "evangelist" job somewhere else. You are just annoying people with legitimate problems. The only thing annoying me and frustrating people here is you.
  4. Even the tech guys get holidays... That's a total BS answer. As if some of us here have not been waiting for almost 60 days. Do you think that they were on holiday for that total period of time or do you think that you can just reduce the problems of others with answers like that. We get it - you are an "evangelist" - you are not doing the brand any service with answers like that. Answers that like that just annoy people and it is really uncalled for. Keep up the good work.
  5. I don't think so. Evernote had a blog update today about their new "Moleskine for Everyone" collection. This way, you can just use pen and paper until they fix the problem with the touch client. Here is the link: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/12/12/a-moleskine-for-everyone-the-evernote-collection/ K
  6. I just wanted to update this thread. I have heard NOTHING from evernote in the past week. I picked up a Dell Venue 8 Pro in the 99 door buster deal at the Microsoft store. I was able to load the full version of Evernote Windows - which works fine. The touch version - same problem. It does not crash immediately, it just does not sync at all. So at least we resolved the crashing problems. We are coming up to another weekend - I know that I might have to just keep waiting and waiting for an actual response from Evernote....
  7. I was just about to ask what you did to stop the crashing ;-)
  8. I just read in the paper that 30% of their revenue number is now coming from other products like socks. It is another week and still no response to my ticket.
  9. And I'm not looking to fight with you here or on google - I'm looking to get my issue resolved. At the end of the day - I don't really know you and I have nothing against you - but I'm not sure why you can't seem to put the blame for the issue where it belongs - on the company that created the software - instead if putting it on the people who took the time to post. That's my real issue with some of your posts...
  10. I don't even know what the one thing I could have done to answer the question. Was it contact support? Did that. Was it open a ticket? Did that. Was it send logs? Did that. Install beta software? Did that. I guess I could have looked up the reference to the movie - but my use of the "oh brother" was more along the lines of - give me a break. Who cares about Evernote socks? Marketing does not seem to have an issue here. Either way, you don't seem to have any concrete suggestions on how to resolve the issue - technical manuals aside. As far as posting on G+ - I think that it's more effective to post on the officially ignored forums.. K
  11. I don't even know who the Coen brothers are or what they wrote - but unless they have a fix for my stability problems in Evernote - you might as well start quoting Shakespeare.
  12. Evernote don't lapse active tickets, but like any support team they do close ones that don't have any traffic on them after a while. And I'm not suggesting that the customer needs to do anything to keep the support ball rolling other than provide information and feedback when it's asked for. Rather than respond to my posts though when I'm still trying to be helpful, you're continuing to point out how poor the service is and inventing (it would appear) facts to support your arguments. In no particular order - You are getting responses on this forum. Evernote's ratings in the Windows app store aren't 'dismal'. You have not quoted one actual ticket number for your unverified stability issue. You're not in a position to judge whether Evernote are aware of this issue or whether they are taking any action. And since no-one here seems willing to work with them to help find and fix any issue, it's no wonder there's no 'statement' yet. And I agree the exchange on this topic so far is like something the Coen brothers wrote... I'm pretty sure that you were the one who said that Evernote lapsed tickets above? I didn't say that - that was clearly you: "Well, if you have the time and still have problems, please submit another ticket and post the number here. Tickets get automatically lapsed after a certain time with no activity and yours may simply have fallen through the cracks. If Evernote don't have active tickets for a problem it may fall through the priority list until it will never be fixed because it's no longer on anyone's radar." Regarding the ratings on the Windows store: a) 2.9 out of 5 (average rating) 758 1 star reviews (all with the same problem) c) 575 2 star reviews d) 698 3 star reviews e) 457 4 star reviews f) 683 5 star reviews The top quotes (rated most helpful by other store users) are mostly the 1 and 2 star reviews. I don't what that says - but 3 out of 5 is not stellar ratings (perhaps they are not dismal - but the reviews are...) In no particular order: I'm getting responses from other users. These are not official responses. These are responses from other evernote users. I never claimed that I was not receiving responses from other users - I clearly stated that I didn't receive responses from EverNote. I'm in a position to judge because I have an open ticket for two months. I'm also in a position to judge based on the sheer number of open threads on this forum that have users who still have open issues. Here is the logic for you - I have an open ticket which means that evernote is aware of my issue. This ticket is open for two months with no response or suggestions on how to resolve the issue - hence I'm pretty sure that they are not taking any action. What do you mean that no one here is willing to work with Evernote? I sent them logs - I called them. I emailed them. I posted here and on G+ where there is an official Evernote presence? Is it too much to expect that EverNote would have paid support people on this forum instead of people like you? Perhaps you really have nothing to add this to conversation and you should go back to evangelizing the product to people who are not having problems. I don't see what concern it is of yours to try and correct my posts when it's clear that you are drinking the cool-aid. We all know how that worked out for Jim Jones and his followers - perhaps you should try to think on your own. I know you are just sitting home wearing your evernote aspirational clothing and typing this nonsense out. If you have nothing productive to add to my posts - refrain from typing - please. You are just pissing up a string and getting wet.
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