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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, it looks like the only way to create Kustom notes is via Kustomnote.com? Also it doesn't seem I could create a note template to be shared to other users in the organization? One big advantage of this "template" idea is to standardize input across multiple departments/staff in an organization, but without this function, it's useless for me, unless somehow I've missed this function somewhere? I think it is possible now to share templates to other users if you upgrade to a paying subscription plan (I think it's 1.99 a month or something). It also looks like they added a live forms feature which might work better for what you're trying to do. I'm mostly stoked about the new iOS app. It doesn't have all the functionality of the website, but you can take notes offline with it. It seems to be a lot easier to use than the website (you still have to create templates on the web right now though)
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