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  1. Hi all Just got my nexus 5 and ever note I noticed has created a new note book called expunged for some reason. Firstly. How do I get rid of this expunged notebook I want my old note books back! All my notebooks have been replaced by one notebook called expunged???? Wtf! Secondly, my VM Ware virtual machine running evernote 5.2 re fuses to sync to web and my new android phone it says error communication client side??? How do I get the c virtual machine to sync so I can see all my notes again. And my correct notebooks. It won't let me yours files via my android mobile device so I added them here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rdx8li4he9xg54d/cuWBOzjRG9 Thanks in advance for your help
  2. anjoschu - isnt OCR a paid (business or premium only) feature? Or does using a scansnap get around this? I read this: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/20080-evernote-pdf-ocr-vs-snapscan-ocr/?p=101003 And do I understand correctly this does a much better job of OCR'ing files so you can find stuff better? Is it worth the money? johnmarshall4 I have a HP scanner also but I do not like the software. I find managing the files after scanning them almost impossible. Infanview on the other hand is portable and lets me specify a directory which all my scans automatically go into. However this means that my documents are just images? Will the free Evernote account still OCR these images (jpg) for me? Doing it this way, I do not have a text only pdf like you suggest? Unless there is some way to convert images to text only PDF using adobe acrobat? GrumpyMonkey I am also considering plain text and a link to a bill in dropbox. This would save me space, but how do I scan files as just text? I always thought the only option was image formats like jpg png? Thanks all for your suggestions.
  3. Hi All, I am a huge fan of evernote and I am keen to go completerly paperless by scanning to a file any paper I do get. However I am struggling to find an optimal DPI and image format to scan and upload my bills / important papers to evernote. So far I have tried JPG and PNG at 600dpi with file sizes 1-10 and 10-40mb respectively using irfanview because I can specify where to scan each file and they are autonumbered. My problem is if evernote is to be used effectively everything should be stored in evernote - to increase the power of its search. Can anyone suggest a better option as I am only on a free account and uploading even the JPG files will use my 60mb upload limit very very quickly! Any help much appreciated. Josh.
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