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  1. @karenscruggs... Did i jump in too late? Didn't see an invite for the video chat happening today. Please advise. Thanks.
  2. BTW, I would primarily use handwriting and highlighting on iPad with the occasional use on iPhone.
  3. Chuck, I currently supplement (heavily) my note taking with Notability. If an Evernote note could behave (at least on iOS) like Notability, only with the added bonus of Evernote's powerful features it would be like hitting the note taking lottery. Notability has weak web clipping, is not strong in the task list area and has no reminders but otherwise it is a power house of text and real zoom (not a window zoom), handwriting, and of course sketching capability all in the same note. Merge these features into Evernote and I'd be wildly impressed. One more thing. Palm rejection capability on Notability is above average but I still wish they HAD NOT removed the palm "shelf" that pulled up (or down if you're a lefty) for a place to rest your hand when writing on the screen. If you offered both and gave people a choice... Thanks for listening.
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