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  1. Hi - actually you do support non-http links, highlight text in a note and then command-k pulls up the link box, use file:///Users/username/directory/ this works great. The problem I mentioned above can be solve by using a soft link to map /Users/directory1 to /Users/directory2 (or vice versa). Best, RH
  2. Hi folks, I currently user evernote on a work desktop (iMac) and my macbook air. I want to create a link to a dropbox folder in an evernote note. The dropbox folder is available on both machines. On the iMac it looks like /Users/username1/Dropbox/folder1 and on the macbook air it appears as /Users/username2/Dropbox/folder1 where username 1 and username2 are DIFFERENT. Using a link like: file:///~/Dropbox/folder1 does not work and I can't simply use file://Users/username1/Dropbox/folder1 because then the link would not work on the macbook air. I thought the ~ would fix it but I guess ~ stands for /Users/username1 or /Users/username2 and this adds an extra / at the beginning. Any fixes besides changing the user names to match (not a simple procedure). Best, RH I know how to create the link.
  3. Hi folks, with the 5.1 update on the mac it does not seem possible to sort notes by tag as per the GTD system, I used tags 1-now, 2-next, 3-soon etc and used to be able to sort by tag to have a running to do list. Is there a new way to accomplish the same thing without having to search for tags? Best, RH
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