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  1. thanks! I do not know why but after deleting all extensions except for web clipper I restore all again, now it is ok anyway, thanks!
  2. thanks, gazumped I have 3 pc(windows10) and about all of them, situations are same. Going further, since I started using evernote(web clipper), situations are same. Any help? thanks.
  3. after web clipping on chrome, if I click somewhere on chrome, the black status window at the right-top disappear. I wish it does not disappear. Now I have to wait for about 1 or 2 minites since I cannot make sure that it is certainly synchronized, and also even after 1 or 2 minutes, I am not sure whether it is ok. Anybody do not think so? Thanks!
  4. Sorry, but I missed to see the following thread you had mentioned. And I applied via Google From. However, I am afraid that this is too old. Does this work now? Thanks!
  5. i found how to get beta forMac Evernote. But do not know about iOS(iPad and iPhone) could anyone help me plz? thanks.
  6. Hi! I use and... When I type Win + Shift + F(shortcut key for "Find in Evernote", probably default), in the past(I am not sure when it was or which version it was), it automatically made search-target notebook into "All Notebooks" But now it does not. Is it a bug? Thanks
  7. I am using Evernote beta( Prerelease). And I have a question: between beta and public of Evernote windows, which one has fewer bugs? If it is almost same, then I wanna use beta, since I wanna try new features. Thanks.
  8. I greatly hope the following feature: when doing web-clipping on chrome, small black window showing status appears at the right-top of chrome. But at that time(I mean, while I can see the status window), every time when I click somewhere on chrome, the status window disappears. This is very annoying. So could you please fix this problem? p.s.1. Maybe the question I posted a little while ago: <Web-clipping: Can I closr the page/browser while "syncronizing "?> can help. p.s.2 I use web clipper ver,6.11(7dea5a8/ on windows.
  9. when I do web clipping, it shows, clipping => syncronizing =>done. (my environment is Japanese so maybe words above are slightly different, but meanings are same.) And if I close the web page(s) or web browser while "synchronizing," are there not any problems? I want to ask you about this in the case of windows and mac. (but I recently bought a mac and have not installed/set anything with Evernote.) P.S. I guess that, if we know/find where data soon after finishing "clipping"(but before "syncronizing") is stored concretely and the specification of "synchronizing," th
  10. Regarding Evernote of win and mac, when I move a note to the other notebook, I often mistake, I mean, I often incorrectly move the note to a notebook which is not what I want. So I have a request: I want that before moving a note to another notebook, confirmation message will be shown, Or I want the selection of selection: about before moving a note to another book, a confirmation message will be displayed, or not. And if possible, I am happy if you kindly change the spec also with android(smartphone/tablet) and iOS(iPhone/iPad). Thanks!
  11. attached screenshot is at the top-right of note, since I have many notebooks, but as you can see the number of visible notebooks here are very small so not usable, I want to improve UI,. Yjanks!
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