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  1. The issue here (beyond the selective sync) is that Evernote is designed to accumulate memories over time, but what you are looking to do is hook up a database to it. I think the best method, though a little more costly over the long term, is to either put the files in Dropbox / GDrive and link to them, or host the files on a server yourself. It's not that Evernote "can't" do what you want, and Evernote might even be a great solution for what you have in mind, but it comes with some restrictions that you'll have to navigate. Thank you. I agree. As I researched this more I was going the same direction, just trying to automate the Note creation a little better. I'm more interested in the searching ability of Evernote, then making it a database of files. I'm not opposed to the GDrive\etc approach at all, just trying to index it. It looks like I would probably have to manually enter each file info in anote and tag it properly, then control the access to the files at the Ddrive level. Thanks
  2. You need 3 years to complete your uploads. That's assuming that you didn't change any of the files you uploaded already, because edits will mean a re-upload... Even if they increase some of the limits in the next year it might take a while to get your scheme off the ground! Yeah... I'm seeing that, unless limit's are changed or can be purchased, or with a business account. The total today of the 1100 files is 24GB. I just did a random check. One section, had 385 files, totaling just under 10GB, with about 25 of them being just over 100megs.
  3. Here is my scenario. I currently have had a Free account as I get to know about Evernotes' capability. I'm very impressed. I wish to have 2-4 notebooks, which will have a minium of 1100 pdf files amongst them. Some may be just over 100megs each, but most are not. I should be the only one who can add to these folders. I would like the ability to share these notebooks with anybody who has an email address that I've granted access to them. (They may or may not have an Evernote account, but would be encouraged to get one). All of us should be able to search amongst all Pdf documents contained, with in these notebooks exclusively or shared to them (If I need to have a seperate account than my personal one that's fine.) Do I need to have a Premium or Business account? Do they need to have a Free, Premium, or Business Account? What are the limitations imposed if I had a Free, Premium, or Business account under this scenario? If I wanted to allow users to add notes to another notebook, would their account status need to change? Is there any legal issues with having a business account for each person, and charging a user for access to my notebooks? Thanks, Rich Wilson
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