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  1. I use Evernote all day every day. Before Evernote, I had a Blackberry for writing memos, and before that, a PalmPilot-like device. It was a Sharp EL-6890, and only cost ten bucks. The thing that the Blackberry did so well was that a search string could be converted into a new note. In other words, when you enter a search string, you would get two options: one is to arrow through the list of search results and the other is to save the search string as a new note. It was integral to the way the old device worked, because when starting a new note, a list of similar notes would appear, and you could open one of those instead of creating a new one. I deeply miss this old feature. On Evernote, there could be a button next to the search button labeled "Create new" that would create a new note from the search string.
  2. Gotta have this. I feel disappointed that it is not available, because it is too slow for me to open up Evernote and perform a search. Such a feature should be turned off by default for security purposes, but it should be present nevertheless.
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