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  1. Awesome. Thank you for listening to the feedback...and then acting on it.
  2. Thank goodness for Time Machine. Just reverted to Friday's backup of 5.0.7. Phew. A quick anecdote: I used to go to a bagel shop in Brooklyn. It was a really good bagel shop. They always had a line out the door on weekend mornings, but everyone waited patiently in line, because the product was worth it. One day, the owners decided that bagels weren't enough, and that they had to compete for a bigger breakfast crowd. They closed for a couple weeks, remodeled, and reopened with a full breakfast menu. Guess what? They went out of business because nobody needed yet another breakfast joint. There was demand for bagels and coffee, not breakfast. The moral of the story: It's Evernote, not EverReminder.
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