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  1. I've been comparing the iPhone SE with the iPhone 8 and the bigger screen doesn't help that much. Also, I've tried clipping using the Article Mode and whilst the text flows appropriately, the font is a little bit too big but the worst of it is the margins are far too big. But it varies from website to website as to the size of the margins. As a result of this observation, when clipping a simplified article, I'd also add there needs to be a feature to control the margin size in addition to controlling the font size and making sure the text flows correctly at the margin boundaries.
  2. An EPUB is simply HTML pages compressed. The creation of the HTML need only make sure that paragraphs use the paragraph tags and don't have break tags at the end of each line. And when you view the note, there only needs to be a mechanism to flow the text and select the font size.
  3. I'm using Chrome on MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave so there is no reader mode in Chrome. I tried using Safari (v12) on MacOS 11.14.6 Mojave and all that does is create an note with just the link to the article as plain text which defeats the purpose of clipping the webpage and Webclipper for Safari is only for Safari v13, it won't install in v12.
  4. What's reader mode? And is the result readable on a small screen like iPhone SE?
  5. I use web clipper on my desktop to save articles of interest in the Simplified Article format and view them with Evernote for iOS on my iPhone SE. When I view the article with Evernote for desktop, the readability of the Simplified Article is acceptable. When I view the article on my iPhone SE, the readability is unacceptable. It's too small and the text doesn't stay zoomed when I try to enlarge the text and the text doesn't flow and the screen boundaries. I suggest that Simplified Articles be saved in a EPUB like format and the Evernote for iOS have a EPUB like viewer for that note so the text flows in an EPUB like manner and to be able adjust the font size and remember my preference for viewing like most EPUB readers.
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