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  1. Hello gazumped. I am having the same problem in Android with my Galaxy Note 10.1. I think the problem is related to the filename of the attachment when we want to open it. As you said, the pdf is seen as an attachment (in Android). I click on open, and it crashes or does not work with most programs (I tried Kno, iAnnotate, Soonr Scribble, Polaris, and ezPDF. Only the last 2 worked). I think the problem is that the file is being opened with the name "data" instead of "originalfilename.pdf", and the lack of extension might confuse the other programs. I am desperate to get this working, and I would not like to move my pdfs to another platform to annotate. Can you help us? What can be done to patch this? thanks EDIT: by the way, I have Skitch installed, but it does not appear as an option to open the pdf.
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