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  1. When she selects the drop down list of notebooks (what you would press to select to move to a new notebook), none of the notebooks appear in that list. If she creates a notebook on her own machine, those appear in the list, but none of the ones I created and shared with her - even though they are all visible (and available) in the left panel.
  2. Has Evernote improved this sharing thing yet? I have premium. One of my notebooks got out of hand and now has over 1000 notes. I want my VA who has a free copy of Evernote to go through these notes and re-sort them into several notebooks so I don't have one big bucket. So I created 5 new empty notebooks and shared those with her as well. She now has full modify access to all 6 notebooks. We can both edit the notes and they appear edited on both machines so we know the connection works. But she can't move the note into any one of these folders? I didn't think that was a big ask. Now she has offered to cut and paste each one, one by one. So that would be one cut and paste for the title and one cut and paste for the content per notebook plus any tags etc all X 1000+ notes. Very nice of her, but that's just nuts. Does anyone have any idea how this can be done so she can help me re-sort these notes without just giving her my own login details and full access to everything in my personal Evernote account (which I really don't want to do)?
  3. Thanks for coming back with a screen shot and update! Muchly appreciated.
  4. Gotta love how throughout all this Evernote didn't even bother responding at all in here. Whats the point of these forums if they can't be bothered to get involved? Has anyone actually downloaded and installed the latest version? Does it work? I'd rather hear from someone first hand it's all good before upgrading again and downgrading again.
  5. You would think Evernote understands that Reputation Management is a critical component of successful business management right? And gIven the extent of this problem and the number of people being vocal, don't you think it would be good idea to at least comment in YOUR OWN forums to let people know if this problem is being addressed? It's not like we need a 'roadmap' for your future growth plans - this is function issue, not a competitive edge issue - although if you continue to ignore it, it will certainly become your 'competitors' edge to exploit.
  6. PS if you take the "1 written complaint = 100 unsatisfied people who leave to your competitor without saying anything "adage - we're up to 25,000 unhappy clients - and that's if you only look at the number of comments in this thread let alone all the support emails you would have received on top of this. Evernote you really need to take notice. Or at least come into this thread and tell us you're fixing it so we can all go home and stop picketing for truth justice and the umm ... well you get the idea.
  7. This is so cool. And so representative of the situation. 5 gold stars for you to put it in such an articulate and humorous way.
  8. For those needing to wind back on their mac - here's how you do it: 1. Quit Evernote from the elephant icon in the Menu Bar 2. Drag the Evernote application to the system Trash 3. Reboot your Mac Go to the following link to install version 5.0.7 http://mac.filehorse.com/download-evernote/3330/ When you open the download, make sure to drag the Evernote icon into the Applications folder instead of running it from within the installer package. NOTE TO EVERNOTE STAFF: Please make sure you add 'returned horizontal view' in the first few lines of your upgrade notes because I wont be upgrading until I see you have fixed this error in judgement.
  9. I can guarantee you that there are over 150 users who have asked for reminders or related functionality in these forums. So if your rule of thumb is good enough for horizontal list view, then it ought to be good enough for reminders. The question is how did these become mutually exclusive? Did the people asking for Reminders also say "get rid of horizontal views"? It's a simple screen real estate problem. I've actually already asked that question or wondered about it more than once in this topic. It's not my call and the explanation offered was unclear. I'm just following ozmark's system for determining interest in a feature by counting posts in the forum that call for that feature, and letting you know that there is at interest at least on the same order of magnitude for reminder-like functionality as there is for horizontal list view, based on post count. Whether that system is accurate or good at figuring out relative interest between two different (but possibly related, due to use of screen space) features is anyone's guess. Hey I was using a valid political measurement system of determining the veracity of COMPLAINTS, not a method of determining the number of interested people wanting a software feature. We're not asking for a feature here. We're all BITTERLY COMPLAINING. And as such, I said you could easily apply the political 'rule of thumb' with complaints that one written complaint is worth at least 100 complaints since most people don't bother to complain - they just leave quietly and tell everyone how bad you've become behind your back. So as I've already said, stop taking my comments out of context.
  10. I can guarantee you that there are over 150 users who have asked for reminders or related functionality in these forums. So if your rule of thumb is good enough for horizontal list view, then it ought to be good enough for reminders.I think you missed the point. I was saying that I personally don't use it as a todo list. I wasn't saying that people don't want it. Anyway dont take things out of context here. The problem here is that you guys have made a problem for a lot of people by changing the core of your software and it seems like you are saying this change is permanent because of a decision you made to accomodate a new feature. Sure go and include new features. Just don't break your core program to accomodate new features. And you have. If you can't include new features without breaking a major feature then either work out a way or don't include it. You're killing off your core.
  11. I'm a premium member as well and I agree we all need horizontal view. Political parties say that for every 1 written complaint you can be sure there are at least 100 others who haven't bothered complaining. So at that rate there's already at least 15,000 unhappy people that I can put my finger on based on 150 complaints just in this forum alone. And that's just from this forum - let alone whatever your poor support people are dealing with in your 'normal' support channel. As to the reason (adding reminders) I don't use you as a todo list - i use you to store and manage information (which is what you started out being). Don't kill what you're good at to become 'everything for everyone'. And making a major usability change like this without a beta? Asking in your forums is great to get some feedback - but most of your avid users are not computer programmer junkies who watch your software forums religiously. They are normal people who have lives enjoying whatever they enjoy doing. Bottom line - major stuff up here guys. Please fix this quickly otherwise a lot of people, including myself will need to explore other options. My loyalty is with you so this is where I would rather stay, but from the 'finality' of the comments I've read here, I really hope you listen to your customers and please fix this. You've just made it totally user-unfriendly in my book.
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