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  1. Mark, It seems like most of your frustration with the new web client are the missing features, correct? I agree that the missing features are quite annoying, but you can always use the old web client until the new web client is out of beta. My main issue with the new web client is that Evernote has been very slow to release updates that I depend on, such as tag hierarchies, copying note links to create a table of contents, merging notes, etc. A simple solution would be for me to use the old client, but then I cannot use some of the new features that I use quite a bit such as workchat and context. I would love it if Evernote could temporarily add a solution to make workchat (I could live without context for now) available for the old web client so that I can stick with that so that I am not missing so many features. If I were you, I would list specific things you do not like about how they have gone about the release of the beta client so that a useful discussion could be had and problems would be addresses. Just keep in mind that the product is still in beta meaning it is not fully released yet, so don't lose hope - it should be more functional then the old client ever was once it is ready. I would like it if the progress of adding new features to the web client could be sped up a little bit, but obviously developing things like this take time. Thank you for your insight. Robert
  2. I am having the exact same issue. Ink Notes are not indexed so I cannot search for them. I am using a Microsoft Surface Pro 2. The only work around is to copy the ink notes by using "select all" and pasting them into new note so they are an image file that can be recognized and indexed. This is not ideal because once you copy and past them into a new note, you can no longer go back and edit them. Also - when I use Ink Notes and I view them on my android phone or on the web, they do not look good at all (the actual thickness of the lines appears to be much thicker to the point where it is unreadable) and there are also very strange page breaks that distort some of the ink notes. That is not nearly as big of an issue to me as not having the ability to search my handwritten notes. Please fix this Evernote! I have always liked Evernote over Microsoft Onenote but if features like this do not work it seems like I might not have a choice if this is not fixed. Also - I had a ticket opened up, but I have heard nothing from support in a while and I feel like they forgot about my ticket. My ticket number is #339268. Please fix this!
  3. I am having the same issue. Ink Notes are not searchable at all. OS: Windows 8.1 Device; Microsoft Surface Pro 2 EV Version:
  4. couldn't have said it better myself. When a company releases a new program, app, or whatever I get that their is going to be a few bugs. That is the nature of it. BUT...the company needs to be prepared to fix these bugs ASAP. Usually it's one or two major bugs that can be fixed quick. The new windows client along with the clipper have so many bugs and they aren't showing that they are making any progress fixing them. It amazes me how they are releasing products that seem like they aren't even at the beta stage. It just amazes me that they seem like they don't even test these products before they are released. Evernote should have the money to fix this. Even if they didn't...I would gladly pay $7 or $8 a month instead of $5 if it would mean that their products would actually work. They need to get on top of their game soon or they are going to start losing a lot of customers.
  5. For the time being, I suppose we could just add our evernote email addresses to our contacts and forward the emails to our evernote account and organize it once it is in there. It is not as ideal as the clipper, but it gets the job done without having to copy and paste the email and then download and upload the file.
  6. PowerBot looks promising...but I agree with you that the price is very steep for something that we used to be able to do for free. Maybe Evernote will actually do their job and fix it soon...but we can only hope.
  7. I would love a solution from Google so I can drop Evernote. My only issue is that it looks like this new feature only imports attachments from emails instead of the entire email. Is this the case? Also, it is ridiculous how long this feature has been down. When Evernote implements a feature, you think they would be pretty sure they could keep the feature working. Why even offer us something new and exciting just to say its no longer working. Evernote support literally told me it would be "quite some time" before this as fixed. What is that supposed to mean? That they aren't even trying to fix it? You can't tell me it is this complicated. They just don't care. Evernote always talks about integration, yet all of their products seem to malfunction when used with some other sort of service. This is unacceptable. Evernote needs new management, especially in the customer service department. If not, they are going to start losing even the most loyal customers. It is such a shame because evernote is such a great idea. Sadly, they can't implement it properly.
  8. Steps to exporting to google docs http://smallbusiness.chron.com/move-evernote-files-google-docs-46746.html thank you very much!
  9. I agree that the issues are ridiculous. Google products never have as many bugs for this long. I loved Evernote and I mistakenly invested so much into it. Does anyone know of the least painful way to import all Evernote info back to Google Drive? I'm just gonna stick with that for documents and keep for reminders. Google search is more powerful anyway and I am so tired of waiting for Evernote to constantly "fix" everything.
  10. well damn...never mind then. Hopefully it is fixed soon. I clip more emails than I clip anything else.
  11. here's an idea...is there anyway we could download and use the old clipper for the time being? It seemed to work just fine in terms of clipping content and emails and I would be fine with using it for the time being.
  12. This is an extremely irritating issue. I came to rely on this feature in my line of work. Evernote always has a great idea, but they fail to implement it. They attempt to integrate with all these other services yet they cannot seem to get it to work. Please get this fixed, along with the many other bugs I constantly speak with support about.
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