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  1. OK, what about the trial version issue for premium users?
  2. Xdeklplanque: I followed the exact procedure you laid out above. It all works except that I still get a note saying that I am in a trial version - this is android, by the way. So it's not working as per your instructions above. I would also appreciate if you can answer whether this is intended to be just for editing existing attachments, or whether I can use officesuite from within evernote to create an attachment. Looking forward to your reply and fix before my trial period runs out. Chris
  3. Grumpymonkey is not the enemy. My take on this forum is that GM has been engaging in a balanced way with the user community. And GM's perspective is what I think most of us would want: give the user choice to set the display as he or she wants. GM - I appreciate your inputs. (And by the way, this doesn't mean I don't want horizontal lists back).
  4. Hi all, I'm a long-time premium user and I too was shocked to find such a drastic UI change pushed onto the community without more warning, input, or user verification. Having said that, there are a few fixes for this problem. First, it is easy to go back to 5.0.7. Uninstall your current version, download the old one at http://mac.filehorse.com/download-evernote/, and you're back to the comfortable old version in less than 5 minutes. I have done this and I'm going to wait until this storm has passed. Second, there is a reasonable view option with 5.1.x: click on any note in the list view to bring up a full window of that note. When you're done, close it. Have as many notes open at once as you want. This gives us fully configurable views of notes, AND a long list. As I said, I'm going back to the old version, because I don't need a long list, and it absolutely is a waste of real estate. But I include the above so we don't all complain as though the world has ended, because in fact it has not. Evernote 5.1.1 still provides full screen access to notes and a long list of notes. Now Evernote - when are you going to accept this user feedback and bring us a configurable screen so we can all set it like we want to?
  5. I add my voice to those requesting user choice in whether the list view is horizontal or vertical. The vertical view, for my use, is an immense waste of real estate. I don't need a long list of notes to be always showing, most of which are not relevant to the current note, and which a) reduce real estate for the current note, and only show a few list headings. I'm not sure who dreamed this display up in what is otherwise and excellent product. I'm also not sure why Evernote chose to make list display choices non-configurable. Are notifications really a good excuse for this? My sense is that the developers all sit at desks with 20 inch displays, and are not in tune with many (maybe most) users who are using 13" displays on macbooks. Come on, evernote team, this is a serious design error. Don't defend this when you know it's wrong - give us back the views that we need.
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