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  1. When I try to select columns to view, the options presented to me are Title, Dates, Source, and Size. Where are you finding a Tag option? Switch to the List View, then right-click on one of the column headers. You'll see the option to display or hide the columns Author, Created, Notebook, Size, Source URL, Sync Status, Tags, Title, and Updated.
  2. For those of you needing the Horizontal List View for TSW, I recommend using the List View and selecting the appropriate columns (Created, Title, and Tags), expanding the left pane, and reducing the right pane. I was a bit frustrated when I noticed that the Horizontal List View was gone, but the List View works just as well (albeit not as gracefully). I keep more than my to-dos on EN, so I find myself switching between List View and Snippet View regularly. I hope this helps a bit.
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