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  1. I suspect that that rotating sync icon only means that the data to be synced is being sent from remote device to command central ... When the rotating stops, the data has been sent but i want to know when the changes have been incorporated into the database at command central.
  2. I can see from evernote's standpoint that this message is superfluous ... and it saves a billion internet messages a day. BUT ... it is the only way those of us out in the boonies can can be sure that we are in SYNC with the command center. We look at one spot ... not all over the screen ... will not proceed with further changes until that green message pops up.
  3. It would be nice if Evernote would add a count after "Notebooks" ... but in the meantime here is what I use to figure out how close i am to disaster (the app i use is TapeCalc): Pass 0: Set things up so "Notebooks" is displayed in the left column. Pass 1: Count all the primary notebooks including stacks. Pass 2: Open each stack and add the total notebook displayed within the open stack to the total ... then close it and move on to the next stack. ... Pass n: If you have stacks within stacks, you just do Pass 2 again until all stacks are accounted for. So the only question left is how close you are willing to let things get to 250 before disaster strikes.
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