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  1. I'm seeing this roughly every two weeks (but not sure about that timing), after I've rebooted my Mac, and the Evernote client starts up. I'm on Version 5.4.2 (402146) at the moment. I use the desktop version almost exclusively, and the mobile versions rarely (once a week or so). Here's what happens: I reboot the Mac and I launch Evernote. Evernote asks me to log-in, the normal way. I'll provide correct credentials, and then a minute later, I'll see this message, and be asked for my password yet again. Subsequently, everything is okay (until the next reboot after a long period). Thanks Dlu!
  2. Agreed - this is a horribly worded message that implies something has gone wrong, rather than a normal event that is supposed to occur every 2 weeks. Seriously nerds, get some social skills already.
  3. > "Where were you all when Evernote asked on these forums to hear from horizontal list view aficionados!?" This is a classic case of survivor bias. Those of us who liked the horizontal view were happy as clams and had no need to come here. Now you will be hearing from us in droves, I imagine. I've been using a version of the horizontal view pretty much since I started using Evernote, and taking it out deprives us of a huge amount of real estate. Because I used the horizontal view, I tend to use long titles for my notes, and long paragraphs. These are all cut off now - it's awful. This shouldn't be an either/or situation. There are clearly adherents to both layouts and Evernote should provide both horizontal and vertical views for those that want them. Please remember that this forum is not an accurate sampling of user preferences. You will only hear squeaky wheels here. Squeak squeak!
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