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  1. Bravo! I haven't had a chance yet to explore fully but I look forward to being able to use reminders and to having my choice of horizontal or vertical list view. Thank you to the entire EN team for a speedy response to this issue. I had assumed that it would take many weeks at least for EN to restore horizontal views to 5.1. I am guessing that you guys have done some scrambling to deliver a solution to your users so quickly. This a terrific demonstration of how to listen and respond to user feedback. The real test of a performer (be it a team or an individual) is not whether mistakes are ever made, it's how mistakes are addressed and rectified when they are made. The EN team has passed that test with flying colors. Although some of the feedback about the loss of horizontal list view in this forum has at times seemed strident, I hope the EN developers have been able to see that it is a testament to the value of EN that people really cared a lot when it was changed. Thanks again for listening and responding so quickly.
  2. I have now downgraded to v5.0.7 (thanks, JesseE for the link to the older version) in order to get back the horizontal list view. This whole business is very disappointing. Reminders are a great new feature that I would love to be able to use. I commend EN for implementing this. But the approach taken is dismaying. First, the notion that reminders and horizontal view are intrinsically mutually exclusive is patently absurd. This is kind iof like a car manufacturer saying you can either have air conditioning or an audio system in your car, but you can't have both because there's not enough room on the dashboard for both sets of controls. Second, the idea that you might be able to asses the impact on the broad user base of a major UI change by posting a very low-key query ("do you like this feature and why?", http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34709-horizontal-vs-vertical-list-views/) on a forum frequented by a minuscule proportion of your entire user base is unrealistic to say the least. Thanks to the many folks who have done a good job above of articulating the reasons why eliminating the horizontal view is a bad idea. I will be watching update notices and hoping for the introduction of the clear appropriate solution-- a mechanism for users to choose whichever list view works best for them, without sacrificing access to key features (like reminders).
  3. Yes-- PLEASE give us the option for choice of list view orientation. Horizontal view is MUCH better for my main use of EN (like E. A. Wilson above: "The Secret Weapon" GTD system-- (http://www.thesecretweapon.org)). Considering the huge diversity of ways people use EN, it should not be a "one-size-fits-all" app. Not offerring users a choice was a poor decision. And although the Reminder feature is great, there is no real fundamental reason why it cannot be compatible with either orientation of list view.
  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back horizontal list view. For my primary use of Evernote (GTD, based on "The Secret Weapon" system), the new vertical only list view is MUCH less useful. I am not advocating ditching the vertical view-- I understand it may work better for others. One of the great strengths/beauties of EN is that it can be used in so many completely different kinds of ways. Especially in a program like this, users should be able to choose options and customize to suit their way of working. "One size fits all" is bad UI design. Re the issue above of "why didn't you speak up earlier when we posted about verical vs horizontal list view"-- (1) I suspect there are lots of users who really depend on EN but don't spend time hanging out on these forums. I look at the forums when I have something specific I need, not otherwise. So, posting on a forum only reaches a subset of users-- it's not a representative poll. (2) From what I've found looking back, nobody ever said "we're considering a non-optional switch from horizontal-only to vertical-only view; how would this affect you?" So-- please give users the option of choosing between the layouts for list view.
  5. Mac user here. List view is what I use 95% of time, and strongly prefer the horizontal list view, because it allows me to see more information. (My biggest use of Evernote is for a GTD system, based on "The Secret Weapon" videos.) Today I did a routine update (a bug fix for something that didn't affect me) to v5.1.2 and my horizontal list view is gone; all I see is a vertical list view and can't see how to switch back to horizontal. PLEASE don't tell me that I can't get it back. Can anyone tell me how to switch between vertical and horizontal list views? Thanks in advance.
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