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  1. Deleting the app deletes your settings and data, so you'll have to restore your offline notebooks if you want to. For me, this takes a long time because I have a lot of notes and a lot of them have attachments/documents. So it's a pain. But I have found so far (it's only been a couple of days) that the lag on startup is gone.
  2. I feel like Evernote's response to literally every support request is "delete and reinstall the app," which apart from seeming silly I hate doing because it takes FOREVER for all my notes to re-download (to the notebooks I've selected as offline). But I saw someone here said they had success with it solving the lag problem so I tried it, and I have to admit it worked! On both my iPad and my iPhone. The download even seemed faster (maybe I was just on better wifi this time). I'm getting used to the new app, I have to admit, and making the shortcuts screen work for me. I still prefer the old home screen, but with the lag gone I can deal.
  3. After years of evangelizing for Evernote this app has me looking for alternatives. I have to admit I'm not finding any that have all of the features I've come to depend on and it's killing me. I don't mind the price increase -- I use EN so much that it's worth it to me to pay -- but this app is so unreliable and slow that I can't count on it to work when I need it. I use Evernote when I'm running events. I can't wait 30 seconds for it to respond and then another 30 while I hunt for the note I need because it reset me to the home screen. The old app worked, why mess with it? It's been a month since the last update, can you at least fix the glitches for your loyal paying customers? i hate to be this guy. I know you're working hard and that you have to make a profit. You provide a product I use the hell out of and I appreciate that. But that also means you've got me kind of trapped. I'm basically paperless now and it's all tied up in Evernote. The apps need to work or I can't. It's what we're paying for, and you're raising the rates.
  4. Same! It's different because I have over 5000 notes and I don't want to be dumped into a list of them, even if that list is in order. The old home screen let me jump to that list if I wanted, or notebooks, tags, shortcuts, or recents. It was much faster than having to drag down to search or tap the tag or notebook buttons. The new app also seems much slower in general (the app itself not just me using it). The new shortcuts screen could serve this purpose if there were an option to always open to it (or to always open to the last view used -- I keep getting dumped out of notes I was working on when I leave the app too).
  5. Others have said this but since you asked: The horizontal view is great for me because I like to view several columns (date updated, created, notebook, tags, and of course title) for quick and easy sorting (and sync status so I'm sure not to log off if the program is still working). Even at full width on my desktop, both the list and the note seem crowded on the screen. And on my 11" Macbook Air, forget it. It's also how I have my email set up, and have for MANY years, so it's what my eye is used to. AND because I'm on a Mac at home and Windows at work, and this change doesn't seem to have been made to the Windows version, they don't "match." I don't understand why the reminders thing can't sit on top of the list in a horizontal view in exactly the same way it sits atop the vertical view. (Or what if reminders lived at the top of the sidebar, which is the same in ALL views?) It's obviously not the end of the world and I'll get used to it, but you asked why I used horizontal view and that's why! I'd love to have it back.
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