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  1. I have a similar post in another thread. The rotation problem has made my notes a pain to use. I won't rehash the many, many issues that others have explained so well. I switched to Penultimate from Note Taker HD. Note Taker is a great app developed by Dan Bricklin. Dan is credited with developing the first spreadsheet and he's always provided solid, responsive support. After using Evernote for a year as my online database, collection etc. I thought I would give Penultimate a try. The value was in the integration and ability to search. I'm going back to Note Taker, it's a paid for app ($4.95) and has solid performance. I have hundreds of pages of notes in both systems. Ping me offline if you are interested in learning more about the features. Cheers
  2. After today's update, all of my notes were rotated 90'. I write in "landscape" mode using the graph page (premium upgrade). I have hundreds of pages of notes and sketches. Penultimate is now useless to me and I cannot determine how to rotate the page. Suggestions?
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