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  1. When I try to edit an image by rotating it something in Skitch doesn't save the rotation even after I chose the "replace image" button. (Using EN while on my Android smart phone.) You used to be able to correct by "rotate left" save and be done. Now there is a Skitch file in EN that is still not oriented correctly
  2. Even though I have set up the default player for this format O file on my android phone inside of evernote the software tries to divert me too visual spreadsheet applications. Why can't I use the default software in my phone to open this file so I can hear it while I'm at the evernote file?
  3. It's true you can re-order on the desktop client. I do the majority of my EN work on the road. (Galaxy Note 3) As far as the, "first snap taken was last in order" bug it seems to randomly sequence the photos now... For us non-tech EN users a simple cut and paste of the snaps would do the ordering trick while using that Android device... I also wish the "X" choice was still available for each snap using the multi-shot camera. This would drastically decrease the need to straighten out order. Bring back the "X"! Any chance of this coming back?
  4. When will we be able to re-sequence the photos placed in a note from our Android smart phones? Tech support told me this capability doesn't exist. If I'm adding a 4 page User Manual by taking a picture of each page and one of the photos needs to be retaken when I retake the photo and edit the note I'm stuck with pages (my inserted pictures) out of order.
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