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  1. Is there a labeling function that's not a tag? I'd like to organzie my "cards" for meal planning or present-giving by labeled sections that *don't* need to have their own note in Evernote. For example, within my Food CardDesk, I'd like a "weekly meals" label and a "special dinners" label to remind myself how I've grouped the various recipe cards on the board; or within my Presents CardDesk, I'd like to have a label header for each of my friends, under which I'd group present ideas relating to them.... (Springpad, of which I was a longtime user, had this handy functionality.)
  2. An idea board or corkboard view option is the one thing that is preventing me from switching entirely to Evernote-- which I would prefer to do, rather than split my notes and projects between the Evernote and Springpad, which does have this viewing option but whose searching is not nearly as robust as Evernote. I think visually, and being able to drag-and-drop selected images and text is a crucial step to my brainstorming process. Would love suggestions on thrid party options too!
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