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  1. Yes, I see your point - I'll take a more in-depth look at this, certainly.
  2. Thank you all for your comments and insight into this issue. I'm currently looking at the "tag" method of filing things and, for a small 4 person family, that is certainly workable (I guess if you can remember the tag order !!), but for larger organizations I still feel the nested folder method has merit, not least of all reigning in my rampant OCD..:-) After all, NimbusNote can do it (competing product) and so can OneNote (after a fashion)... One of the things I use Evernote for (apart from tax, and my ham radio hobby) is the tracking of issues reported and solutions in my daily wo
  3. I know you can have notebooks in "stacks", but is it possible to have a stack within a stack ? For example, I have a stack called TAXATION, and then under that a stack for each financial year, and under each year the documents applicable for that year. Call it OCD, but my wife has me organised...:-)
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