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  1. Yes, I see your point - I'll take a more in-depth look at this, certainly.
  2. Thank you all for your comments and insight into this issue. I'm currently looking at the "tag" method of filing things and, for a small 4 person family, that is certainly workable (I guess if you can remember the tag order !!), but for larger organizations I still feel the nested folder method has merit, not least of all reigning in my rampant OCD..:-) After all, NimbusNote can do it (competing product) and so can OneNote (after a fashion)... One of the things I use Evernote for (apart from tax, and my ham radio hobby) is the tracking of issues reported and solutions in my daily work in a Bank's IT Department - our current "documentation" system is an ancient POC called eRoom, which is heavily folder-based - it's a structure that people understand and are comfortable with, which is the other reason I want to do likewise in Evernote - if I can prove that Evernote will do the job more efficiently and effectively than eRoom, I stand a better chance of having it adopted across the board (we have OneNote as part of the Office suite, but for me it just doesn't have the same flexability as Evernote). If Evernote had some sort of a "query language", where you could define (and save) queries on tags on both an individual and global basis then maybe the "one big pool of information" approach would work, but it would require some massive re-education of people's thinking - the whole folder paradigm is just more "logical" to most.
  3. I get a sync error with the latest beta - but I cannot find what's causing it. Here's teh relevant portion of the activity log 13:38:51 [12004] Client synchronization started 13:38:51 [10528] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s3 13:38:51 [10528] 0% Connecting account moldor 13:38:51 [10528] 0% Loaded updateCount: 37069 13:38:51 [10528] 0% Usage Metrics: sessionCount=0 13:38:51 [10528] 0% Client is up to date with the server, updateCount: 37069 13:38:51 [10528] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/user 13:38:51 [10528] 0% Updating user "moldor" 13:38:51 [10528] 0% * email last verified 2016/05/10 19:04:16 (UTC+10:00) 13:38:51 [10528] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/shard/s3/utility 13:38:51 [10528] 0% Retrieving cross promotion info for user "moldor" 13:38:52 [10528] 0% Connecting account moldor 13:38:52 [10528] 0% Connecting account moldor 13:38:52 [10528] 0% Updating server items 13:38:52 [10528] 0% Skipping resource "adbca20cc4e9ae39487f955861ab617b" of an unsynced note "Screen clip" 13:38:52 [12004] Client synchronization finished, status: complete 13:38:52 [12004] * elapsed time: 1s 13:38:52 [12004] * 1 note failed to sync 13:38:52 [12004] * Note: "Screen clip", error: "local: missing notebook (DATA_REQUIRED)" The unsynched note mentioned was in the trash and has been deleted
  4. I know you can have notebooks in "stacks", but is it possible to have a stack within a stack ? For example, I have a stack called TAXATION, and then under that a stack for each financial year, and under each year the documents applicable for that year. Call it OCD, but my wife has me organised...:-)
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