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  1. windows client ---------------------------------------- 21:53:52 [5480] 67% Submitting a batch of 5 note calls, size=5.1MB21:55:19 [5480] 67% No more data to read.21:55:19 [5456] Client synchronization finished, status: failed21:55:19 [5456] * elapsed time: 1m 36s----------------------------------------latest version of evernotehow to fix it
  2. this is a most useful function,when I use Evernote at office http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34705-evernote-password-protection/ thanks for reply, Game protector is a great software,but when EverNote is running in the background (in the tray), then I open the Evernote again,the game protecter don't work. Like the mobile device pincode, is better. China's Evernote follower YouDaoNote有道笔记 http://note.youdao.com has the fonction and works well. YouDaoNote becomes the No.1 note app in China, though it can't compare with EN,but some founction is basic and useful. Hope EN better and better. listen the user's advise is better too
  3. this is a most useful function,when I use Evernote at office
  4. I upgrated to 3 years premium to share notes, but I found there no option can share notes anonymously, that really disappoint me, in dropbox ,google docs anonymous share is a basic function, even outlook can create alias accounts. do you have any solution, can I change the username???? help me!!!please
  5. I agree with u, pls offer the option,share anonymous or not.!!!!!!
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