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  1. Thanks @LukeB It is a bit of an effort. I will keep that in mind. Fortunately I have not trusted EN for much cr4oss linking yet. @DTLow Appreciate the suggestion. I tried that suggestion at the recommendation of tech support a couple of times and it did not solve the issue. But maybe they got better at the database tools behind the scenes since then, but it seems like we are just guessing what is happening in the black box. I wonder if there is just a bad record in my database? If so, how do I find it. I would gladly kill one note for having the rest be usable. Of course, that does bring up ongoing trust issues. Or is it a certain type of note (HTML webclipped pages over selected text or image screen shots or notes over x large or....)? Or certain type of formatting on device x created with version y at some point? /snark It seems like I/We should not be the ones to have to figure this out. But I guess that is the approach in the era of low fidelity and hyped marketing. I want to recommend this tool to others because then I can collaborate easier with them and help share best practices with them. But more and more, I am hearing the siren songs of MS OneNote calling me. /endsnark
  2. So still no answers except to switch. I wonder if after I export all my data (tried this before), reimporting would help. Arghh
  3. @gazumped I would submit that many people who look at these issues, may not be active in participating. It took me 3 tries to log-in to this forum. Many would just look for their own answer rather then go through the hoops to say 'me too'. That does not make it right, and I fully agree that EN needs the support of its users in reporting issues, but assuming silence is agreement is a dangerous strategy.
  4. I was hoping this thread would address the problem of some notes getting duplicated not by my stupidity, but EN's. Not able to determine when or why, but it happens with the Clipper extension in Chrome. When it happens, it would be nice to easily compare the notes to see if one has 'better' tags, or additional comments that I added to it.
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