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  1. Just for info, Notability has finally released the iPhone version in addition to the iPad one, including iCloud sync. All keeping the excellent sound quality. No more to be said.
  2. Mr gazumped, I take your posts #2 and #4 as clear justifications of Evernote's current position. A "solution" has not only to "work", but to avoid destroying all the usability that makes the application desirable to begin with. If the usability is gone, why keep using the application at all? From my understanding of programming, which is what I do as a day job, recording with a higher quality can be as easy as changing a single parameter to a single function call. It can not be simpler. But anyway...
  3. Mr gazumped, I don't understand why you keep on defending Evernote on this. Just two things: Higher quality audio won't increase the "complexity" of the program. It is a trivial technical issue that would benefit almost everyone. Attaching files is not a solution. Not at all. And also, if you allow attaching notes with a higher audio quality (and hence larger file sizes) why on earth don't you produce these files yourself? The "size" argument is not consistent here.Anyway, I'm ready to jump ship as soon as Notability implements the iPhone version.
  4. This a "feature" of EN that keeps on puzzling me. Why? OK, you save some space, but you could do the same lettings users choose shorter higher quality notes instead of longer lo-fi. And the thing is that the current lo-fi audio notes are unusuable anyway, so why to offer that option at all then? Sorry guys, but I think somebody is not thinking clearly on this. Learn from Apple and either offer a feature that works or not offer it at all. Otherwise result is pissed off users. In my case I am waiting in the sidelines at who will be quicker, Notability with the iPhone app or Evernote with the decent audio. Whoever implements first will win for me.
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