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  1. Thanks for providing the link to the new Evernote Web Clipper. The new Web Clipper has some features which are very similar to Evernote Clearly. Is the intention to merge the two products? This would be nice, as it would simplify my browser. Less is more. -= Stefan
  2. There is no way to do this. One of the big problems with TSW is that changing priorities from 1-Now to 2-Next requires the cumbersome manipulation of tags. On Android this is particularly difficult. The behaviour for sorting tags is different on Mac and Windows, and Evernote Web doesn't allow you to sort by tags. You are right that a Notebook might solve this problem, but Notebooks can only be 1 level deep. TSW recommends a top level 'Tasks' and 'Cabinet' folder, and then an 'Action Pending' and 'Completed' folder under 'Tasks'. There is no more room for another layer of folders to designate priority. Some of the TSW workflows became harder to use with the introduction of Evernote 5. Among other changes, Evernote 5 deemphasizes the lefthand grey sidebar which is a key piece of TSW. On the Mac the sidebar no longer provides a way to easily move tags or create new tags, etc. Personally, I gave up on TSW and these UI incompatabilities are a major reason why. If you'll notice, the activity regarding TSW in this forum and on http://www.thesecretweapon.org/ have slowed down dramatically in the last couple of years, and the last couple of videos on http://www.thesecretweapon.org/ have said 'Coming soon' for about 18 months. While I'm happy that TSW works for the authors and I'm grateful that they provided the resources to create TSW, I imagine that the authors don't really have time to manage this not-for-profit venture, and I wonder if TSW was perhaps just a fad. When I first started with Evernote over 2 years ago I was told that 'Evernote is a note taking tool. It is not a task manager', and now I understand what they mean. I would recommend looking into another system. Perhaps Evernote 5 plays better with GTD-- I haven't had the time to look. Zendone looks like a nice tool, but at some point I just need to stop playing with new tools.
  3. Fooey. Markdown here stopped working for me within Evernote Web. I'm using Firefox. Oh well, at least it works well in Gmail. -= Stefan
  4. With Evernote Clearly, I can use the Highlighter to highlight text on a webpage. The highlighted text stands out nicely. Clearly's text highlighting is nice and simple. However, Clearly cannot annotate PDFs, but Skitch and Evernote can. Do Skitch or Evernote provide a simple highlighting tool similar to Clearly's Highlighter? I see that Skitch and Evernote have a marker icon which does 'free form' highlighting, but the marker is messy and I need a neater tool which simply highlights the text, similar to the Clearly Highlighter. Basically, I'm looking for a note taking and annotating tool which works consistantly for webpages, PDFs and potentially eBooks. Unicorns are optional. Thank you, -= Stefan
  5. FYI, The video at http://www.mentalhub.com/videos/EvernoteWorkflow.mov is no longer there.
  6. There are two big problems with workarounds and third party apps. 1. They introduce another unnecessary layer of complexity, which increases the chance of bugs, adds another layer of support issues (is the product even going to be around in 6 months) and make my life more complicated in general. Evernote is supposed to simplify and organize my life, and if it becomes too complicated to use then I stop using it. 2. Workaround and third party apps don't work consistantly across platforms, and often third party apps only work on one platform. This means I need to use one work flow on a Mac and a second workflow on Windows. Evernote already has enough cross-platform inconsistancies which interfere with my willingness to use Evernote. Markdown is fairly simple, and could provide a consistant, simple editing abilities on Windows, Mac and the web platforms.
  7. I just learned about the Markdown Here browser extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. This allows Markdown to be used in the Evernote Web interface, as well as in Gmail, Google Sites and a smattering of other applications (Not Google Docs, since Google Docs has a different editor & API). It seems to work with Evernote Web as well, and the community says it "Works Great" with Evernote. Markdown Here is an open-source project hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/blob/master/README.md Given Evernote Web's lack of keyboard shortcuts, Markdown Here goes a long way to improve keyboard efficiency. Check it out. -= Stefan
  8. Markdown is a great way to format notes. It is simple, efficient and is a great timesaver. Markdown is used a bunch in the computer engineering world (GitHub & StackOverflow use markdown). And I will note that if I create a simple note from Evernote, pasted it into the VI editor from my Mac or Windows boxes, the result ends up looking very, very close to GitHub-flavored Markdown. Bold and Italic doesn't render correctly, but bulleted lists and numbered lists work great and Task List items (e.g. [ ] in GFM): testbolditalic[ ]todo[ ]todo2 * Bullet * Bullet2 1. number list 2. number list2What does this mean, it means that Evernote is already part way there.
  9. +1 When attempting to organize a large amount of information, neatness counts. Computers are really good at presenting things in a structured, clean format-- much better then my paper notebooks, in any event.
  10. I reported this the 404 problem to Evernote support some months ago, so they are aware of this bug even if they haven't fixed it. It's cosmetic, but "404 not found" on on this address is a bit unprofessional -- A URL like https://example.com/m/ is pretty common, and many people will try it. At the time this page was referenced in some Evernote documentation which is how I found it in the first place. m.evernote.com exists in DNS, but there is no webserver listening on that server. There is also https://www.evernote.com/mobile/ , which is the same thing as https://www.evernote.com/m/ . The website will work in a pinch in case your Smartphone client doesn't work. But it doesn't work well. -= Stefan
  11. I'm not so sure about this. TSW makes use of Folders and Tags, which are pretty standard conventions in the GTD community and other todo-type of applications. Folders & tags are still present in Evernote 5, it's just that it's now more difficult to organize tags while still viewing the content within those tags. That said, TSW always seemed like it was shoehorned into Evernote. It never fit very well.
  12. Well darn, looks like I cannot do this with Evernote for Windows either now that Windows has moved to Evernote v5. -= Stefan
  13. I would say that it is a serious problem with the new UI as it breaks some core functionality for those of us who use Evernote with The Secret Weapon/GTD-style of organzing tasks. I'm trying to get used to the new design, but I find that I'm fighting with these trivial changes to the tagging organization. The new ways of manipulating tags is very clumsy and inefficient. There are posts from Mac users and other TSW about this same issue, but I guess we're in the minority. Congrats to the Evernote team on their new design, but note that some of the changes are hard to get used to. I'm not sure if I should commit to Evernote and buy a premium membership or keep looking for another product to help me manage the chaos.
  14. Thanks for your reply. I do use the "Show Tag List" but it does not do what I need. I should clarify my comment. I need to view my notes *and* rearrange tags at the same time. I can do this on Evernote for Windows. I simply want consistent behavior between platforms so that Evernote is easier to use. I tend to use tags for projects that I am working on, following the GTD and TSW methods mentioned in these forums. When I am organizing my tags, I often need to rearrange the tags themselves (via drag & drop, creating tag stacks (These are projects and sub-projects)) and I also need to drag notes on to the tags. However, I cannot do this in one window on Evernote for Mac, because Dragging & dropping of tags is only allowed in the rightside Tag window. Thank you, -= Stefan
  15. On Evernote Web and Evernote for Windows, in the side bar I can drag one tag onto another tag and create a "tag stack" (Some people call this "nested tags"). However, this behavior is not allowed on Macs. The sidebar does provide limited ability to do other things to tags (I can right-click and select 'Delete tag'), so why not allow us to add tags, create tag stacks (Drag & Drop tags onto other tags) & select multiple tags from the sidebar as well. Evernote for Mac has a 'Tag' window, but it is not user friendly and I cannot view notes and tags in the same window at once. Update: Looks like the Windows users have also caught wind of this, and some people don't like it: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41552-windows-v5-discussion/page-2
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