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  1. There is no way to do this. One of the big problems with TSW is that changing priorities from 1-Now to 2-Next requires the cumbersome manipulation of tags. On Android this is particularly difficult. The behaviour for sorting tags is different on Mac and Windows, and Evernote Web doesn't allow you to sort by tags. You are right that a Notebook might solve this problem, but Notebooks can only be 1 level deep. TSW recommends a top level 'Tasks' and 'Cabinet' folder, and then an 'Action Pending' and 'Completed' folder under 'Tasks'. There is no more room for another layer of folders to designate priority. Some of the TSW workflows became harder to use with the introduction of Evernote 5. Among other changes, Evernote 5 deemphasizes the lefthand grey sidebar which is a key piece of TSW. On the Mac the sidebar no longer provides a way to easily move tags or create new tags, etc. Personally, I gave up on TSW and these UI incompatabilities are a major reason why. If you'll notice, the activity regarding TSW in this forum and on http://www.thesecretweapon.org/ have slowed down dramatically in the last couple of years, and the last couple of videos on http://www.thesecretweapon.org/ have said 'Coming soon' for about 18 months. While I'm happy that TSW works for the authors and I'm grateful that they provided the resources to create TSW, I imagine that the authors don't really have time to manage this not-for-profit venture, and I wonder if TSW was perhaps just a fad. When I first started with Evernote over 2 years ago I was told that 'Evernote is a note taking tool. It is not a task manager', and now I understand what they mean. I would recommend looking into another system. Perhaps Evernote 5 plays better with GTD-- I haven't had the time to look. Zendone looks like a nice tool, but at some point I just need to stop playing with new tools.
  2. FYI, The video at http://www.mentalhub.com/videos/EvernoteWorkflow.mov is no longer there.
  3. I've been trying TSW with Evernote for the last month. Tasks which come in through GMail go to TSW, and I also add tasks by hand and through my Android phone. So far it's been easy to get stuff *into* Evernote, but I'm struggling with using Evernote as a task manager because the UI is getting in my way. A few simple UI improvements in the Evernote Web app would go a long way in supporting TSW. If I understand correctly, Everote 5 introduced some signifigant UI changes, and this makes it hard to learn and some of the methods described in TSW. I've found that the desktop app for the Mac looks and functions differently then what is shown in the videos. The lefthand sidebar is very different then what is shown in the video, and the default "Card View" is totally different. My work computer is a Mac, my home computers are Windows. The Evernote desktop UI is different on both Windows & Mac. I also have a Ubuntu workstation, and since there isn't an Evernote Desktop App for Ubuntu I use Evernote Web. But the Evernote Web UI is also different from the Windows & Mac Desktop applications, and I'm going a bit mad remembering all the little differences between the three different interfaces. I would prefer to use the Evernote Web since the UI is consistant between all of my computers and because I would prefer to use one less desktop application if I have a choice. Evernote Web seems simpler overall, and in this day of funtional HTML5 interfaces it could be just as functional as any desktop app. However, Evernote Web has a few downsides: Evernote will not sort by the 'Tags' column. A key point of the TSW tagging system ('1-Now', '2-Later') is that it's easy to sort by priority. But this cannot be done on Evernote Web. If I move a note from '3-Later' to '1-Now', the item now is now tagged with both tags. Removing the '3-Later' tag requires 4 clicks. If I'm reorganizing a dozen tasks all these clicks can get pretty tedious. Editing a task requires 2-3 clicks. The Evernote Web is pretty cramped on a typical laptop screen. The lefthand sidebar only shows 2/3 of the tags. I like using Evernote to store notes about everything and I *really* like decluttering all the "stuff" from my mind. However, every time I forward an item from GMail to Evernote I find myself thinking "Can't I just do this using Google tools? What does Evernote get me?" I want to use it, but I feel a bit like Evernote is the wrong tool for the job. I figure that some of this is simply part of the learning curve and perhaps I'm just not understanding how to use Evernote. But I also think that the UI on Evernote Web and Evernote for the Mac Desktop could use some UI changes. As a heavy user of GMail and Google Docs/Drive, using Evernote does add some complications even if it simplifies other parts of my mind. Evernote and Google's stuff definately has some overlap, and it can be confusing when deciding what tool to use. If Google does the right thing with Google Keep, then GMail, Google Drive, Google Keep, etc. could be as useful as Evernote. But for now I'm not sure Google will ever get there. -= Stefan
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