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  1. Thanks for providing the link to the new Evernote Web Clipper. The new Web Clipper has some features which are very similar to Evernote Clearly. Is the intention to merge the two products? This would be nice, as it would simplify my browser. Less is more. -= Stefan
  2. There is no way to do this. One of the big problems with TSW is that changing priorities from 1-Now to 2-Next requires the cumbersome manipulation of tags. On Android this is particularly difficult. The behaviour for sorting tags is different on Mac and Windows, and Evernote Web doesn't allow you to sort by tags. You are right that a Notebook might solve this problem, but Notebooks can only be 1 level deep. TSW recommends a top level 'Tasks' and 'Cabinet' folder, and then an 'Action Pending' and 'Completed' folder under 'Tasks'. There is no more room for another layer of folders to designate
  3. With Evernote Clearly, I can use the Highlighter to highlight text on a webpage. The highlighted text stands out nicely. Clearly's text highlighting is nice and simple. However, Clearly cannot annotate PDFs, but Skitch and Evernote can. Do Skitch or Evernote provide a simple highlighting tool similar to Clearly's Highlighter? I see that Skitch and Evernote have a marker icon which does 'free form' highlighting, but the marker is messy and I need a neater tool which simply highlights the text, similar to the Clearly Highlighter. Basically, I'm looking for a note taking and annotati
  4. FYI, The video at http://www.mentalhub.com/videos/EvernoteWorkflow.mov is no longer there.
  5. I've been trying TSW with Evernote for the last month. Tasks which come in through GMail go to TSW, and I also add tasks by hand and through my Android phone. So far it's been easy to get stuff *into* Evernote, but I'm struggling with using Evernote as a task manager because the UI is getting in my way. A few simple UI improvements in the Evernote Web app would go a long way in supporting TSW. If I understand correctly, Everote 5 introduced some signifigant UI changes, and this makes it hard to learn and some of the methods described in TSW. I've found that the desktop app for the Mac look
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