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  1. Well, I've about had it with Evernote. After the Mac Client bugs (typing and selecting text being intolerably slow), which took months to fix, I went to the web client. Then, after using the Evernote web client for a few weeks I thought I had lost a ton of work I did today on a text document. This made me panic and worry that I had lost a TON of work. After going back to the original machine I worked on and then checking my desktop version I noticed 3 OTHER files of the same name. I then realized the web client is saving MULTIPLE COPIES. The desktop client doesn't work this way, so why does the web client??? So, I hadn't actually lost the work I had done, it had just been saved in one of the different files in the file list. It was like the web client was trying to do some sort of version control and recording multiple versions of the same file, but without actually doing version control. It resulted in multiple files of the same name. This was confusing and broken. It boggles my mind that Evernote still has such rudimentary problems. This doesn't instill me with any confidence. I'm going back to Google Docs for all my note-taking for now. This was the last straw. Yeah, some of you think I'm overreacting and that this is trivial, but when my work is at stake, my livelihood, I'm not going to trust my work with such a shoddy platform with silly bugs like these. It has taken time to erode my confidence in Evernote, by the way. First, you guys add to the Evernote bloat by adding features nobody wants (slideshows? work chat? wtf? Constant "popups" for these unwanted features in "case we forgot", especially in the iOS versions... They are almost constant.), then Evernote continues to ignore feature requests by Evernote's most passionate users (see forums; per-note / per-book passwords, and encryption, as two simple examples), then the bugs in the Mac client (intolerably slow typing, and slow character / word selection via keyboard), and now this bizarre "versioning" bug that made me panic and think I had lost hours of work. Who knows what other bugs there are in the different Evernote clients or the back-end service. And who knows if one of them WILL actually result in data loss next time... For now, I'm done with Evernote and not looking back. You've lost sight of your users and no longer listen. You've tried to act like Apple for too long and proven you can't do it. Your eyes are no longer on the ball. I should have known this was the case when you guys released "Evernote Food" (wtf was that about, anyway??). There are simply TOO many other cloud-synced document and file editors out there that WORK with capable and dedicated software teams who listen. Evernote is no longer "the best". Not by a long shot. I'm not going to re-check this post since I'm not here to convince anybody of anything nor am I here for anyone's approval. I'm simply letting you guys at Evernote know what my experiences have been and what the results of them were for me. Also, there are too many intolerable Evernote-sanctioned obnoxious trolls on these forums, so I will not waste my time with their garbage either. Hope you fix your collective *****. See ya.
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