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  1. I vote for this too. I'm using Apple Pencil with iPad Pro to annotate pdfs and have to use Notability to do it. Also, Penultimate should be updated to work with Apple Pencil without giving stray marks, etc.
  2. I bought the iPad Pro 10.5 with the Apple Pencil. I find the pencil really useful. I wanted it for a specific need (annotating pdfs) but I like using it for other purposes also. It would be helpful to write directly on Evernote notes with the pencil. I tried using Penultimate with the Apple pencil. It's a disappointment because my fingers still make marks on the screen if I happen to touch the screen while using the pencil or scrolling. This doesn't happen with Notability or Goodnotes or other apps. At the very least, Penultimate should be optimized for the Apple Pencil. Also, it is lacking in features compared to Notability or Goodnotes, which should be corrected (for example, can't import PDFs to it). As it is, I have to use apps which don't integrate well with Evernote and which will lead me to use Evernote less. I've been a premium user for a number of years and have used Evernote a lot.
  3. This new version is a big help for me. Now I can edit my notes on my Android tablet, never used to be able to do that. Also, I can use my Note 2's stylus to write handwritten notes. Great addition! My only request is that the handwritten note be sized to the handwriting on it. Right now, I am including notes with 2 lines of writing that take up several inches of space in my Evernote note because the background for the handwriting is a fixed size. Is there no way to make the handwriting background smaller, to fit the note? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the hint about transferring notes in a different format. At the time of the original note, Evernote couldn't use Samsung's multi window function, but it can now on the Samsung Note 8.0 at least. Sandee
  5. I'm using a Galaxy note 8.0. If instead of opening in skitch, you click on the three vertical boxes on the right top of the attachment icon, you will be able to open, and presumably edit, in a different app, and presumably write on the document with your stylus as before. To evernote: I don't think these added functions really enhance the use of pdfs in Android without further work. I'm in total agreement that we should be able to write on a pdf in skitch as if it is pen and paper. And two other important points: 1) I edited my pdf in skitch using the straight line function to carefully underline words and phrases in my pdf. When I saved the pdf and then reopened it, the underlines ended up on top of the text instead, so I couldn't even read the underlined portions. 2) the typeface for putting letters on a pdf in skitch is totally weird. It is as if there is a big "sign" on the document, rather than as if there is text added to the document. Hope these things will be improved in the future.
  6. Just a comment about attachments. I no longer seem to have an icon at the top of my notes for attaching a document. Is there a way to change that? At times, I use a lot of attachments and it is really inconvenient to go into the menu at the top to attach a document. I also used to be able to drag and drop attachments directly from my spotlight search results box, but that doesn't seem to be working anymore either; not sure it's due to evernote, though.
  7. I recently bought a Samsung Note 8.0 after using Evernote extensively on apple platforms for lesson plans. Evernote has been invaluable to me. One of the things that made me choose Evernote was the fact that I could see attachments inline in the notes when I wanted to. This doesn't seem possible on my Android tablet, so Evernote isn't very useful, even though I bought the tablet (with s-pen) specifically to use for lesson plans. 1. So I would like to see an option to view attachments inline. Or else I would like to be able to use Evernote in the multiple windows available on the platform so that I could see the attachment in a pdf reader and the Evernote note in the other window. Or perhaps I could use Skitch in one window once it reads pdfs. 2. Also,a big problem with Evernote for Android now is the editing capability on an Android tablet. You can only edit line by line, can't remove spaces, and can't do major editing. 3. Finally, of course, I'd like to see the s-pen enabled on and Evernote note itself, but I realize that this may be somewhat specific to the Samsung Note. Would like to know what other features are important to people using Android tablets.
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