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  1. I vote for this too. I'm using Apple Pencil with iPad Pro to annotate pdfs and have to use Notability to do it. Also, Penultimate should be updated to work with Apple Pencil without giving stray marks, etc.
  2. I bought the iPad Pro 10.5 with the Apple Pencil. I find the pencil really useful. I wanted it for a specific need (annotating pdfs) but I like using it for other purposes also. It would be helpful to write directly on Evernote notes with the pencil. I tried using Penultimate with the Apple pencil. It's a disappointment because my fingers still make marks on the screen if I happen to touch the screen while using the pencil or scrolling. This doesn't happen with Notability or Goodnotes or other apps. At the very least, Penultimate should be optimized for the Apple Pencil. Al
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