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  1. I don't see how setting myself a reminder to do something in a decades is an "obvious" workaround but it works, though not as elegantly as I'd like thanks
  2. Hi all, I like to use my notepads like websites and usually have one note that acts like the homepage of a website which is used to navigate to other notes in the notebook. It would be nice if I could have this "homepage" note pinned permanently to the top of the notebook browser. Cheers
  3. Thanks, I had tried that combination
  4. Hi guys, Is it possible to create a numbered list where an entry in the list can take up more than one line? e.g. item one line 2 of item one item two line 2 of item 2For other editor software I hold shift + Enter to do this and it's not a problem. But I can't seem to do this in Evernote. I am using the most recent Mac OS X version. Thanks
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