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  1. I wasn't aware that the editing functionality had been moved into the main Evernote app, and I now see in the iOS app where I can edit previously exported Skitch drawings in Evernote. Adding automatic saving as an option, even if its not default, seems like an acceptable solution and one that wouldn't require an extraordinary amount of effort. Even if only 4% of your users had a workflow and usage similar to mine, I'd be interested to see how we stack up in overall usage compared to perhaps more casual users. Once I discovered Skitch it became one of the most frequently used apps on all platforms, even more so than the main Evernote app.
  2. I was really pumped when I saw the new icon, and took a couple shots and marked them up with the app. Then I read the blog entry about the new version and realized that none of the changes or markups I'd made were being sync'd back to Evernote or the other Skitch apps. When you manually push a markup to Evernote, it no longer saves it in the Skitch notebook and isn't directly editable in the desktop version, or at all in the iOS apps. Why would your team think it was a good idea to break such core functionality? I remember when everyone was forced to start using Evernote instead of their own repositories, how upset that made loyal users. Now you've alienated the remaining ones. Nice work. If I could roll back to the previous version, I would. As it is, it'll probably go unused and deleted unless the core sync functionality is restored.
  3. It would figure that after being annoyed by this for months, and finally deciding to post something about it, that I found the advanced sharing options in the app. Nevermind.
  4. I would love to see in the next version of Skitch some consistency in the way that each of Mac and iOS clients deal with sharing content. The inconsistency is really annoying and the lack of sharing options on the iPhone version (the iPad one oddly enough has more options) makes the workflow necessary to share a note way too many steps.
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