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  1. Actually, I reset Safari multiple times before posting here and have reset it multiple times since (have done this several times a week before every using Evernote). I have uninstalled Evernote and hope this will finally stop the auto-load of the webpage. Thanks for your reply.
  2. OS is 10.8.3, Safari 6.0.4, and I have no idea what version the Clipper is. I use "Reset Safari" regularly to clear everything.
  3. Hi - I guess EVERNOTE folks have pulled a fast one on me and I need help shutting it down. Does anyone know how they manage to make the "Getting Started with Web Clipper" webpage open automatically when I start Safari? It doesn't happen every time but it seems like it's cycling to open automatically after a certain number of times Safari opens (opens every 10th time I open Safari for example - 10 is a made up number since I haven't actually counted). I need to know how to stop this ***** if anyone has the answer. Thanks in advance.
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